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Making Open Compute Technology Work for You

Posted by Kevin Schlichter, Platform and Solutions Architect on Mar 28, 2016 10:12:33 AM

As an OCP-certified solutions provider and manufacturer, StackVelocity is dedicated to creating cost-effective pathways to help our customers transition from an 19” EIA standard into the 21” OCP standard.

Making that transition is no small challenge. Many have found that transitioning to OCP requires you to make big trade-offs in your datacenter. You either don’t have enough power in the rack to fully populate the rack, or you have a lot of empty space in the rack, which is an inefficient use of space. It’s the classic “Catch 22”: You can add more power to the rack, but that means less space for compute; you can add more compute, but then you don’t have enough power. Ultimately, either situation means you have to put more racks in your datacenter in order to get the same configuration you’ve been running in 19”.  That defeats the whole point of OCP—efficiency!

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