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StackVelocity Partner Guest Blog: HGST

HGST.jpgAs StackVelocity looks to the year ahead, one of the most exciting aspects of what the future holds is the inevitable synergies we will achieve with our partners. We are fortunate to have a robust network of partners who are pioneering advancements in the industry. As 2016 unfolds, we’ll be featuring guest blogs from this impressive group of allies, and we’re happy to kick it off with one of our storage partners, HGST. StackVelocity offers optimized storage solutions that leverage several of HGST’s storage products, including the top-of-the-line He10 described here. We think you’ll enjoy reading about HGST’s impressive helium-drive technology, and we invite you to visit our blog in the year ahead as we feature other exceptional partners and their products.

—by Adam Tarnowski, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing

Meet He10. The World’s first 10TB PMR HDD.

The He10 is the world’s first 10TB helium-filled PMR hard disk drive (HDD). It stores more, in less space, using lower power and offers a lower total cost of ownership than virtually any other alternative. It’s the latest in our mission to store the future, with the future of storage.

It’s hard to believe that just two and a half years ago, HGST introduced the first HelioSeal™, helium-filled HDDs into the market. Helium drives were the “holy grail” of the hard drive industry. There were many failed attempts over the years, but, we persevered. We’re really proud of the He10—the third-generation of our helium drives.


Why was this so important?

Capacity. Pictures, movies, reports, documents, business – it’s a save, save, save world. 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes worth of saving. Can you feel the magnitude of that? We do. We’re almost at 2020, when the digital universe will expand to the 44 zettabytes and we’re helping build the data center infrastructure that will support it.

Helium is critical.


Ok if I geek out for a sec? Air is seven times denser than helium. “Flying” a recording head over a HDD platter at over 100 km/hour is an exercise in precision,especially with turbulent conditions in close quarters. Higher density equals more turbulence, and the inside of a HDD is close quarters indeed. Just for perspective, flying a head over a He10 HDD disk is equivalent to flying a 787 Dreamliner, less than one tenth of one millimeter off the ground… at seven million kilometers per hour! As we mentioned, helium is critical. By minimizing the turbulence, we’re able to add more disks, density and capacity per drive.

HGST’s first helium drive—He6—was the highest capacity HDD in the world. The second generation—He8—was also the highest capacity for its time. Now the third generation—He10—continues the tradition and is currently the highest capacity HDD in the world.

The He10 is a 10TB “plug-and-play” solution that delivers 25% more capacity, while consuming 56% less power per TB than an 8TB air-filled HDD. This combination of higher density and lower power consumption, has a profound effect on lowering the total cost of ownership of a data center, no matter the scale. Add in the industry’s best reliability at 2.5 million mean-time-between-failures rating as well as a five-year warranty and this technology is bound to be the cornerstone for public and private cloud deployments moving forward.

But this hasn’t just been a technology success. Hard disk drives are a volume business, and economies of scale are important in supporting the data center ecosystem. Six quarters after the introduction of our first helium drive, we had shipped one million helium drives.


It took us two quarters to ship the next million. The third million we shipped in just a quarter and the fourth million will ship even quicker!

Over 50% of the exabytes that we currently deliver and 25% of the industry’s enterprise capacity exabytes are now helium.

An incredible ramp for a groundbreaking technology. It definitely speaks to the significance of the helium benefit. With three generations of product refinement, and significant volume manufacturing, HGST’s lead in helium technology will continue far into the future. There is no question that this technology will eventually become ubiquitous, but for now, HGST stands alone in providing its benefits.

I guess good things come in threes right? Hat tricks in hockey. Three-peats for NBA championships. And of course, three generations of rock solid, industry defining, TCO lowering, storage industry leading, helium-drive technology. Exclusively from HGST.