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StackVelocity Partner Guest Blog: Seagate


As we mentioned in earlier blogs, StackVelocity will be featuring guest blogs from some of our most impressive partners. And, as we are less than a month away from showcasing our solutions at the OCP Summit in March, we thought it would be fitting to have our co-partner at the OCP Summit, Seagate, to highlight both our partnership and why our joint solutions are especially compelling for the OCP community. Enjoy!

—by Adam Tarnowski, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing

OCP Summit - Get Ready to Innovate!

With a goal to improve every user’s/customer’s experience while managing the costs of growth, the Open Compute Project (OCP) has evolved from its origins, when Facebook disclosed the designs and specs for its data centers, to become the widely supported open source initiative we know today. As a result, the OCP is a great option for achieving the benefits of hyperscale data center efficiency through well-laid-out and open-sourced specs and designs. If your cloud and data center deployments demand the most efficient hardware designs, with power usage effectiveness as well as performance, you likely have already deployed an Open Compute design in your data center; if not, the OCP should be on your radar.

Today, OCP deployments are predominantly designed to power public and private clouds—as well as enterprise data centers—with standardized, high performance, low-cost, and high-efficiency objectives. Seagate and StackVelocity have just the solutions ready. StackVelocity offers a complete suite of cloud orchestration, validation and deployment resources for Open Compute while Seagate provides the building blocks and the broadest storage portfolio covering HDD, SSD, and systems that enable and optimize these deployments. Whether your needs are for an object storage cloud, Software Defined Storage or a hyperscale environment, StackVelocity and Seagate can support pre-validated solutions ready to go.

As we near the 7th annual OCP Summit, we are excited to share that both our organizations will have a large presence at this leading conference for the open source community. In addition, we will be jointly highlighting our solutions and are looking forward to hands-on demonstrations of our innovative technologies. Be sure to stop by and visit us in the exhibitor hall!


@StackVelocity (Booth #B5)

StackVelocity will be demonstrating the OCP High Density JBOD “HatTrick” with low-power and low-weight helium hard drives. When combined with compute nodes, this solution offers maximum density and low power for best-in-class TCO and scalable enterprise storage for your accelerated data growth.

Deployed in the HatTrick JBOD, Seagate will have on hand its newest 10TB Enterprise Capacity hard drives designed specifically to address the TCO requirements of cloud data centers. See how the industry’s highest capacity drive with the lowest power consumption can add up to savings of 6% on a 9PB rack with (900) 10TB drives while minimizing the rack weight with these lighter 10TB drives, thereby significantly impacting the data center footprint. Come by to see our low $/GB 8TB drives for archiving as well!

In addition, StackVelocity will be showcasing several NVMe solutions. This includes Seagate’s Nytro XF1440 low-power enterprise NVMe SSDs in a 1U head node and cache server as well as Seagate’s Ultra-fast NVMe solution, which enables hyperscale M.2 in standard PCIe slots with ground-breaking throughput. Engineered for OCP deployments and application flexibility, this server delivers the processing power and fast DDR4 memory to maximize performance and efficiency. By deploying the Nytro XF1440 NVMe SSD, performance can be accelerated further to ensure that the most demanding data analytics functions are not only met but also exceeded.


@Seagate (Booth #C12)

As an OCP Solutions Provider, StackVelocity offers energy efficient solutions that are compliant with the Open Compute standards—this includes the StackVelocity Open Bridge Rack. An EIA-OCP convertible rack, it will be set up in OCP mode in our booth with two OCP servers demonstrating Seagate’s most innovative deployment strategy for flash inside an OCP server. This includes both Seagate’s ultra-fast NVMe solution and the x8 NVMe add-in card.

Similar to our demo in the StackVelocity booth, the ultra-fast NVMe solution will showcase our innovative deployment strategy for M.2 aggregation inside an OCP server. This ultra-fast NVMe solution supports the highest density environments while ensuring the fastest performance with an incredible 10GB/s of throughput. Built on top of the strong add-in card NVMe DNA at Seagate, the x8 NVMe solution will showcase an extremely fast low-profile card capable of 6GB/s throughput and a shattering 1M IOPS.


Working together, StackVelocity and Seagate can enable our large, hyperscale service provider customers and the open source community to reduce cost, increase density, and accelerate innovation—and that is what the Open Compute Project is all about!

We are looking forward to meeting and engaging with many of you at the OCP Summit 2016 and identifying how we can optimize your Open Compute deployments!