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The Future Beckons — StackVelocity Answers With Significant New Cloud Storage Solution at OCP U.S. Summit


Among the big news surrounding the 2016 Open Compute Project U.S. Summit is that StackVelocity announced production of its much anticipated Open Compute Project (OCP) HatTrick Storage solution, and availability through OCP Solution Provider Penguin Computing. This important step ensures broad availability of the HatTrick Storage solution through dedicated OCP Solution Providers.  

“The HatTrick platform delivers superior drive density and flexibility in a 2 OU form factor,” said Daniel Fitzpatrick, vice president and general manager of StackVelocity. “It is ideal for cloud computing environments that demand both space efficiency and open source standards. Working with Penguin Computing, we can deliver this solution to a wider diversity of enterprises and Tier 2 service providers than ever before, unlocking the power of OCP for a much larger segment of the market.”

Phil Pokorny, CTO, Penguin Computing appreciates the value the HatTrick platform brings to OCP:

“Penguin Computing is proud to be a leading contributor to OCP, bringing the most efficient open data center solutions to a broad market. Our partnership with StackVelocity to offer its HatTrick Storage solution in our Tundra line of OCP solutions will extend our contributions in the OCP community, reaching a new segment of enterprise users. StackVelocity shares our commitment to deliver OCP solutions for this untapped market.”

Unlocking the power of OCP for a much larger segment of the market is very important.  As we move more services to the cloud, transmit more data and bring connectivity to the world, there is an opportunity to do it in the most efficient, economical, and sustainable way possible. After all, that is the ultimate aim of the OCP.

“Finding storage solutions that can scale efficiently to your infrastructure environment is more important than ever. That's why I’m glad to see StackVelocity working on options like HatTrick that OCP Solution Providers will be able to offer and bring more storage options to companies.” — Jason Taylor, Chairman and President of the Open Compute Project Foundation, and VP of Infrastructure, Facebook


And the HatTrick platform is incredibly efficient in every way. Not only can configurations be matched to any workload, it is designed to be versatile, reliable and cost effective. For example, the HatTrick JBOD Storage platform delivers up to 15 drives in the same form factor as a “Winterfell/Leopard” server, allowing up to 45 drives in 2 OU—the highest density currently available. In other words, it provides substantial capacity in an extremely efficient footprint.

Brett Pemble, Seagate’s General Manager and Vice President of Solid State Drive (SSD) Products understands the value a platform like HatTrick can bring to OCP:

“StackVelocity offers a complete suite of cloud orchestration, validation and deployment resources for OCP while Seagate provides the building blocks and the broadest storage portfolio covering Hard Disk Drive (HDD), SSD and systems that enable and optimize these deployments. Working together, StackVelocity and Seagate enable our large, hyperscale service provider customers and the open source community to reduce cost, increase density and accelerate innovation—and that is what the Open Compute Project is all about.” 

Learn more about unlocking the power of OCP at the Open Compute Project U.S.

Summit today by visiting the StackVelocity Booth B5.


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