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Truly Enabling an Open Source Ecosystem

ThinkstockPhotos-470542178_Web.jpgOne of the major reasons for the accelerated commoditization of enterprise hardware can be associated with multiple efforts to create open source communities around hardware design. With a primary emphasis around removing the traditional proprietary techniques and by driving common interfaces and approaches, the Open Compute Project (OCP) has created the opportunity for the next wave of open hardware solutions. The near term success of OCP has been to drive significant commonality around power distribution, rack architecture, form factor and serviceability to drive efficiencies.

The Open Power Foundation (OPF) stands to become a significant complement to OCP. The IBM POWER architecture, which is well known in the industry as the performance leader, has moved to an open licensing model. Through the OPF, an ecosystem of chip companies, board manufacturers, networking vendors, etc., are all driving innovation to create the next generation of Web 2.0 compute platforms that are open.

StackVelocity represents a unique combination of capabilities and philosophy in this new Open Source Ecosystem. StackVelocity is a Platinum OCP Solutions Provider and an OCP Manufacturer, an OPF Manufacturer and Channel Partner, and serves customers in the traditional rack market. StackVelocity’s approach is to enable all parties equally, as it is only through the breadth of reach in the market that we are able to achieve our joint objectives. We see success through the combination of our own efforts and our customer’s success. Those customers represent OEMs, Solutions Providers, Integrators and Data Center Operators.

Barreleye – A Powerful Combination of Open Technologies Now Available Through StackVelocity

As testament to how well OPF and OCP foundations work together, Doug Balog, General Manager for POWER Systems at IBM, announced today at the IBM EDGE event that Barreleye is ready for mass production and available for purchase. Barreleye is a powerful and highly efficient server built with OpenPOWERTM technologies and delivered through the Open Compute Foundation. StackVelocity is excited to be collaborating with the Open community by bringing Barreleye to market.

  “Power” to the People

Determining the best way to integrate Barreleye in your datacenter environment to achieve optimal performance and efficiency can be time consuming. Architecting a new OCP infrastructure and evaluating how it can augment your existing IT infrastructure is a transition many customers are going through.

This is where StackVelocity can benefit our customers. We handle the nuts and bolts of integrating, testing and deploying Barreleye globally so you can focus on your core business. We have a complete suite of capabilities to create optimized solutions that incorporate Barreleye. Our customers reap the rewards of a cost efficient, streamlined process and faster time to market by leveraging our global footprint, our hardware platforms, intelligent supply chain management and advanced services.

Portfolio of Open Technology

StackVelocity is able to complement the performance of OpenPOWER with our very own high-density OCP storage platform called HatTrick Storage. The HatTrick Storage platform delivers up to 15 LFF drives in the same form factor as a “Winterfell/Leopard” server, allowing up to 45 LFF drives in 2 OU—that’s a 50% increase in density over the currently available solutions. It provides substantial capacity in an extremely efficient footprint and can be configured to match any workload.

For those customers that also need a standard EIA 19” OpenPOWER solution, we have a high-performance platform called Saba that features OpenPOWER Power8TM processors to tackle the challenge of extracting value from mass amounts of information. Saba can support up to 1TB of memory and 24 SFF drives. This means massive amounts of information are brought to compute resources in real time and business insight is maximized.

These building blocks provide the core from which we can help our customers tailor OpenPOWER solutions that fit their unique business needs.

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