OpenStack: Road to Mindshare
and Revenue

stackv_mindsharetorevenue_1A 451 Research Report written by analysts Nikolay Yamakawa and Peter ffoulkes

How does OpenStack “stack up” against other infrastructure technologies?  This report is a must-read for those who’d like a brief but intriguing summary of how OpenStack became the opens source market leader.  Get answers your inquiring mind wants to know:

  • OpenStack has disrupted the market at a rapid pace, but what uncertainties remain about its future?
  • What factors have attributed to OpenStack’s growth?
  • What criteria do enterprises consider when evaluating OpenStack against other alternatives?  And how does OpenStack “stack up”?
  • What companies comprise the OpenStack community, and how do these companies, some of whom offer competing technologies, work together to ensure the long-term success of OpenStack?