The Future is Open

Screen-Shot-2014-12-08-at-9.53.10-AM1-250x125Presented by Doug Taylor at OCP European Summit 2014

Reflecting on the questions customers frequently ask, IT veteran Doug Taylor, Senior Business Unit Developer at StackVelocity, admits to being astounded at how much those questions have changed in the past 20 years. He’s equally awestruck by the potential the future holds thanks to the incredible promise of open source technologies such as OpenStack and Open Compute. 

In this 20-minute video…

  • Hear why “The Future is Open” and how open source hardware and software are radically affecting the future of technology.
  • Get an advanced look at the contributions StackVelocity is making to the Open Compute Project, including storage-oriented designs based on triple-wide sled configurations and open bridge racks that convert between 19- and 21-inches and ship flat.
  • See how StackVelocity fulfills a unique role in the marketplace, serving as a system integrator for large-scale datacenter deployments.